Spring 2003 Award Presentations

Trophies are awarded based upon overall results for the 8 weeks.  The divisions are:

Boys and girls who participated in four or more of the 8 races are eligible. Trophies were awarded to top 5 runners in each division.  Points are accumulated after each race.  First place in your category is worth 10 points, second place is worth 9 points, and so on.

Girls 5-6

Marquia McCall
Kayla O'Neil
Emily Lescinskas
Teresa Lescinskas
Sarah Griffin


Boys 5-6

Bradford Besson
Jason Marshall
Stephen L. McCall, Jr.
Christopher Picanzo
Joshua Harris


Girls 7-8

Jensine Joseph
Alleyah Wheaton
Samantha Marchetti
Sarah Czymbor
Julia Godek


Boys 7-8

Steven McCall
Zachary Losby
Cory Wood
Jonathan Ortiz
Kevin Godek

Girls 9-10

Jessica Hill
Megan Sullivan
Julianna Strutoti
Stephanie Grillo
Francesca Saville


Boys 9-10

John Cutts
Ted Wheaton
Garrett Grandy
Marquis McCall
Richard Morrow

Girls 11-12

Taylor Wheaton
Rose Buckley
Julie Binney
Alicia Phillips
Ashlee McCall


Boys 11-12

Daniel Shapiro
Antonio Arguello
Brian Clark
John-Paul Sullivan
Nicholas Wade


Girls 13-14

Elva Arguello
Megan Andrews
Elizabeth Crawford
Kendra Barth
Lynsey	Scully

Boys 13-14

Steve Gemme
Nathaniel Brown
Will Czymbor
Matthew Wood